Backing room


“Oh dear lord”, we thought, as we threw the first look into the tack room. With much work and effort, the former pigsty has become a small treasure.
We tried to preserve the brick elements as much as possible and integrated them into the space.
The lovingly decorated bathroom speaks by itself. To the south, the guest enjoys the view into the nature. At the windows to the east, from time to time the neighbor’s goats are passing.

Open kitchen with a bed (can be hit behind a curtain)
Sleeping sofa

A stove, fridge (but no freezer !) , sink, dish washer soap, sponges, kitchen towels, tableware, silverware, pots and pans, a coffee maker(for ground coffee only), a kettle,
Because sharing is caring: a blender, a dough mixer, Toaster, electric grill, Raclette and a Fondue are there to share with the other guests, just ask us for those essentials we are happy to help.
Salz, pepper, some spices, Oil, vinegar, coffee, Tea, sugar, honey etc. are there to share with the others.

soap, toilet paper and towels.

blankets, pillows and the bed covers are provided

a crib, a high chair, a toilet cover for kids, a footstep, a rocking horse and a Bobby car. (Please let us know in prior if you need those or one of those things because there can be other children as well)

For cleaning: a vacuum cleaner, brooms, dustpan and rags are available

In Germany the rubbish has to be separated as follows:
Yellow sack: for every kind of plastic, cans and tins
Compost: biodegradable things only ( no meat and food leftovers)
Paper (blue ton)
Rubbish (black ton)

Prices, end cleaning included:
During the week: 80 €, p. night from 4 pm to 10 am.
Weekends: 90 €, p. night from 4 pm to 10 am.
Weekends from Friday 4 pm to Sunday 12 am: 140 €
Whole week plus the weekend: 350€
Monday 12 am to Friday 10 am : 220 €
(If you have the wish for early check in or early check out please ask us in advance)


We want you to feel at home with us.

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