The old carpenter’s workshop

Back in the days this was a place where marvelous furniture was build. Today it is a room for about 20-30 people and you can still see the workbenches and tools hanging from the walls.
If you like to celebrate in here some fingerfood can be served on the old workbenches (you can have a look at the photos) or there is enough space for the classic coffe&cake birthday bash.
To get to the drinks you can explore the vault cellar which was used to store food and drinks in the early 20th century.
The old carpenter´s workshop is a very special place to celebrate because with the indirect lightning it creates a unique scenery by itself when it’s getting dark outside.

Room measurements: approx. 40 qm, 20-30 people fit in there, for every kind of weather changes there is a door which can be left open or closed, from the ground to the ceiling its about 4 meters.
If the weather gets bad there are heaters to keep you warm and of course washrooms are inside of the farm yard.