The Swedish sauna

 If you feel like relaxing in the evening after work or sports you can do that in the Sweden sauna/cottage. A Finnish wood-burning stove was purchased. One part of the sauna is used for the sauna, the other as a relaxation room. 2 to a maximum of 4 people have space in the sauna. The wood stove takes approx. 45 minutes lead time to heat the air temperature to 70 ° -90 °. Cool off in the open air, look into the stars and, if you are lucky, hear the call of the eagle owl or a tawny owl.

Key data: approx 10 qm to 4.5 times 2.2 meters. Room height approx. 2.4 meters. Weather and wind protected. Heatable with the heater.

Sanitary room: washrooms in the inside of the farm yard.