The farmers house 2

The larger of the two farmhouse parlors is located in the 160-year-old main house in Erlenhof. The old closet gives the rooms its own ambience.

1 living/bedroom; 1 small kitchen; shower/toilet; access to the courtyard.

Stove; refrigerator; sink; dishwashing liquid; sponges; wiping cloths; dish towels; dishes; cutlery; pots; pans; coffee maker; kettle
Blender; Dough mixer; Toster; Electric grill; Raclette; Fondue are available for the use of all guests at Erlenhof.
Salt; pepper; spices; oils; vinegar; coffee; tea; sugar; honey, etc. Shared use of food at your own discretion. They are located in the hallway of the apartments.

Soap; toilet paper; towels

Sleeping accommodations:
Pillows; blankets; extra blanket; sheets; covers.

Children’s items:
Crib; high chair; triptrap; toilet seat; step for sink; rocking horse; bobycar. The children’s items may also be used by other younger guests. Please clarify the corresponding needs in advance

Cleaning utensils: broom; hand brush; dustpan; vacuum cleaner; floor mop.

Garbage will be separated:
Yellow bag, compost; glass; paper; residual waste.

Price includes final cleaning:
Single night 16:00 to 10:00 following day weekend € 69.-
Single night 16:00 to 10:00 following day weekday € 59.-
Weekend Friday 16:00 to Sunday 12:00 € 120.-
Complete week incl. weekend € 250.-
Monday 12:00 to Friday 10:00 € 190.-

Overnight prices for holidays correspond to the weekend prices
Depending on the occupancy, the premises can often be used earlier or a little longer.

Please contact us in this regard.