Seminar room

Between the brick barn and the big barn, a seminar room is available for guests. Beamer, speakers, TV, flipchart and a blackboard are available for all kinds of training. The courtyard Wlan can be used with pleasure. Tea and coffee are available in the small tea kitchen. The partition wall to the hay barn can be taken out and thus the seminar room can be converted to the stage for the hay barn.

Key data: approx. 23 sqm to 7 by 3.2 meters. Depending on the seating there is space for about 10-22 people. 7 school tables for 2 people each are available, which can be placed in the adjoining room. Weather and wind protected. Heatable with a 7 kW room air oven with firewood.
Sanitary room: Barn toilet inside of the building.